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06 May 16 - St Georges Day

We're back now from a highly successful St George's Day event in Essex. And if you're wondering whether we slayed any dragons while we were there, the answer is no. Sorry to report that we didn't see a single fire-breathing beastie. Although if we had spotted one down at the hugely popular Dovecote Pub in Chingford, which is where the event took place, we're pretty sure the monster would have been more interested in joining in the fun and games than breathing fire over us!

We love staging events like this. Everyone knows that St George is the patron saint of England. So holding an event like this on St George's Day means a lot to us. It's events like this that really do make us proud to be English. Don't you agree that English folk should celebrate St George's Day? And what better way to celebrate than by hiring our fantastic range of fun-filled games and equipment!

Judging by the numbers that joined in the fun – over 300 – and the happy smiling faces, there were plenty of folk in the Essex area that agreed with us. It was full of people out to enjoy themselves, have a good time and a laugh with friends and families. And it's events like this that help retain that all-important community spirit too.

For this event, the customer wanted to create a traditional fairground atmosphere and we totally agreed. St George was a knight from mediaeval times and fairs have been popular in towns and villages across the nation since then too. A perfect match. So, we took with us a good selection of fairground-themed attractions with a special focus on mediaeval times where possible. These included our Mediaeval Activity Run which proved a delight for younger children who loved to scramble safely around the gaily-coloured inflatable castle with its inflatable obstacles that included knights and dragons ... very appropriate! Our traditional coconut shy is a game that must go back centuries; it proved so popular with all age-groups from the young to the not-so-young. And there were plenty of guests having a go at our very traditional Hook A Duck fairground game; while our Strong Man Striker was a smash hit (pardon the pun) with men and women out to show their strength.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Not a single dragon in sight and over 300 guests enjoying themselves and celebrating one of England's great heroes.

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