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Sand pits

Sand pits hire

Give a toddler a sand-pit, a bucket and a spade and you've got a great recipe for peace and quiet for at least the next hour or so. It's one of the best ways to occupy a toddler's mind, allowing you to relax too.

As a nation, we're not exactly renowned for catering for the interests of toddlers and you'd be surprised at the number of events at which toddlers are present and yet the event planners haven't given a single thought about how best to cater for the little darlings. As any parent knows, there's nothing worse than a grizzly toddler who's bored and frustrated because they are simply not old enough to join in the fun that older children are experiencing.

That's why we heartily recommend our superb range of bright and cheerful inflatable sandpits. They are small enough so that you can keep an eye on your little one yet large enough to invite a few other toddlers around for a creative dig! And the inflatable surrounding walls help to keep them all safe inside the sand-pit.

Our sand-pits offer a safe and happy environment for all the little ones at your event, whether it's a children's party, a play-school celebration, a garden fete or a town or country show. So don't ignore their needs: hire your sand-pits from us!

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