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Terms & Conditions for Hire/Loan & Safety Regulations

1. The definitions of who the client/hirer, are the person(s), organisation or company booking/hiring the act, equipment or entertainment with P&J Entertainments Ltd.

2. When any item is hired from P&J Entertainments Ltd without any supervisors/attendants, it is essential that the hirer/organiser has appropriate insurance to cover every eventuality that could arise including accidents to users. Please note that P&J Entertainments Ltd have public liability insurance but its is the hirer/organiser's responsibility to make sure that they have any appropriate insurance cover.

3. In the event of traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfil our contracted obligations our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or pro-rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of delayed start. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.

4.P&J Entertainments Ltd accepts no responsibility for any accidents or loss of property on any hires on any bookings anywhere or anytime for any reason. If supervisor/attendant are from P&J Entertainments Ltd, whilst they will endeavour to ensure safety at all times they cannot guarantee against any accidents. It is the hirer/organisers responsibility to make sure all users or/and guardians aware of the rules of use.

5. A responsible person capable of exercising authority over children should supervise the equipment at all times, they should be on hand all the time the inflatable/equipment is in operation.

6. All shoes and especially sharp objects, such as toys and glasses should not be allowed onto the inflatable/equipment nor should silly string, streamers or freshly painted faces to be allowed, nor any food, drink or chewing gum what so ever.

7. The equipment must not be moved from the agreed venue without written prior consent from P&J Entertainments Ltd.

8. The person(s) hiring the equipment shall take full liability for any wilful damage caused to, or theft of the equipment whilst hired to them.

9. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the equipment is not over loaded to the detriment of the users safety, the age groups should be monitored so as that NO mixed ages of greater than 2 years apart should be on the inflatable/ equipment at the same time.

10. Most inflatables are for children under the age of 13 years we do not recommend their use for older children (unless by prior written agreement) for a more pacific definition please contact the office of P&J Entertainments Ltd.

11. The supervisor must ensure that the children should not climb on any of the safety walls or roof.

12. Public liability cover shall be deemed invalid if any persons other than employees of P&J Entertainments Ltd have the set up the equipment if you have opted for collect yourself items please make sure that you have the correct insurance cover in place.

13. The property shall not be hired out to any person except the person it was hired out to without the written consent of P&J Entertainments Ltd.

14. All units come complete with electric blower fans, petrol fans/petrol or diesel generators are available at an extra cost, and fuel is NOT supplied and is the full responsibility of the hirer.

15. In the case of wet weather great care and supervision should be taken as inflatable/equipment can become increasing slippery when wet, if in any doubt please close the equipment down immediately, wipe clean and dry with any type of cloth, when you think is it suitable dry and safe you can resume the use of the inflatable/equipment.

16. Do not let children or adults spray any inflatable with water, i.e. from toy water pistols to hose pipes, this will definitely increase the risk of danger on the inflatable.

17. If there is a problem with the inflatable pleases call our office immediately and advice will be given.

18. Please note that inclement weather shall deem all invoices payable in full.

19. P&J Entertainments Ltd or their employees will not be held responsible caused by any undue care and attention of the users of any of the inflatable/equipment.

20. It is the responsibility of the client/hirer/organiser to ensure that any permissions/licences are in place for the venue for the equipment that has been ordered. 21. Clients requiring any documentary evidence, test certificates, Portable Appliance Test certificates, risk assessment, method statement and public liability insurance or any other documentation must request these at the time of booking as these documents are not always available from delivery and set-up staff.

22. Where equipment needs to be delivered through buildings it is the clients responsibility to ensure that any fittings, furnishings or other items are removed or covered with protective material, especially the floors so as a trolley with the equipment that you have ordered can be placed upon and wheeled to set-up point. P&J Entertainments Ltd or their suppliers, whilst acting with caution cannot be held responsible for damage to any fittings or furnishings, however caused.

23. The client/hirer/organiser is responsible for ensuring that adequate first aid facilities are available if necessary.

24. The client/hirer/organiser is responsible for ensuring that safety barriers are fitted around equipment if required.

25. The client/hirer/organiser is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is not used in windy conditions.

26. Minimum Spend : Within 5 miles of E10 7FB is £80.00, between 5-10 miles from E10 7FB is £120.00, over 10 miles from E10 7FB is £300.000. Please call the office on 0208 509 0150 for more details.

27. Please note any discounts that are offered by P&J Entertainments LTD is only on our own equipment and NOT all the services that we bring in from any other companies to assist you with your booking.

28. A days hire is normally 4 - 5 hrs finishing no later than 7pm. Evening charges are extra, please call the office on 020 8509 0150 for more details or prices for evening events.

29. The driver reserves the right not to deliver any items ordered, if the delivery access is not sufficient ie. Parking, steps, small doorway, rough ground sutface etc. If these circumstances were not declared at the time of booking the items.

30. For set-up/Breakdown of any equipment which is required to be fenced off to the public/surrounding works team, This is always the Client/Customer (booker) responsibility.

31. It is the Client/Customers (booker) responsibility to ensure the ground surface is suitable for heavy lorries/equipment to be driven on as damage by these heavy lorries cannot be the responsibility of P&J Entertainments LTD.


All hires are subject to 25% deposit on hires over £150. The balance should be paid 7 days prior to event date unless credit facilities are approved. Any late payments will be charged at 1 0% per month for any outstanding payments.


Within 8 weeks - 25% of total order 4 weeks - 50% 2 weeks - 75% 1 week - Total order payment



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