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Balloon Blast(Water/Snow)

Balloon Blast

Welcome to Balloon Blast! It's the 21st century version of the mediaeval ducking stool from Merry Olde England. The good news is that the contestants won't end up submerged in a river. The bad news is that one of them at least will get pretty wet. Of course, our Balloon Blast won't determine whether the contestants are witches, but it will determine who can pump the fastest to burst their opponents' balloons, showering them with water or even – brrrrr – snow!

Balloon Blast is the kind of game that's sure to attract a crowd of supporters urging their teams on to pump faster, pump harder. Fantastic for photo opportunities especially if you can catch that moment when the balloon bursts over one or other of the contestants. It's just the thing for building corporate team working skills, especially among those who don't mind having a go and getting stuck in to a competition where they stand a good chance of getting drenched.. Good too for events where friends and families get together for fun and excitement. Older children especially will love the challenge that this amazing game offers.

Hire our Balloon Blast and you'll have all the ingredients of a spell-binding game. Superb action-filled fun!

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