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T-Cups and Saucer

Tea Cup & Saucer Roundabout

If you think the tales of `Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and `Alice Through The Looking Glass` are fabulous reads (and who doesn't?) then you simply must hire our fantastic Tea Cup & Saucer Roundabout. It magically combines a gentle carousel ride with the totally wacky sensation of travelling inside a tea-cup!

Perfect for all age-groups and especially appealing to the younger ones with their vivid imaginations, our roundabout is protected by a wicker fence that surrounds the activity for maximum safety. You'll love the gaily painted polka-dot colours as you climb aboard one of the tea-cups. Then off you go, gently circling around the giant teapot that stands serene in the centre of the carousel.

This is the kind of ride that brings to mind so much of the hilarious and zany adventures that Alice encounters in those wonderful tales. Our ride is as crazy as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, it's as funny as Alice's encounter with the Cheshire Cat, and it's as daft as her meeting with Humpty Dumpty. And that's why you should hire this sensational carousel. In our opinion, every event should contain at least one ride that is completely `out there' … and believe us, this is way out there!

And don't forget, when you hire this ride you'll be well on your way to fulfilling the White Queen's mission to think six impossible things before breakfast!

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