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Teddy Mountain Build a Bear Machine

Teddy Mountain Build A Bear Machine

Remember how much your teddy bear meant to you? To a young child, their soft cuddly toy is more than just a toy. It's their closest companion, their comfort when things go wrong, their protector at night. So just imagine the delight on your young guests' faces when they discover you've hired our Teddy Mountain Build A Bear Machine!

Yes, thanks to our interactive machine your young guests can go one step further and actually create their very own soft cuddly toy. And what's more they can choose from a fantastic range including bears, rabbits, lions, tigers and so on. We'll deliver to your event a portable Teddy Mountain Stuffing machine, along with stuffing inside the machine plus a selection of soft bear/animal skins. Just imagine the excitement as the children choose and create their very own furry friend.

Using our children's teddy making machine is simplicity itself. Select the animal skin, stuff it with filler from the machine, squash it into shape, pull the cable tie and close the velcro flap. It's as easy as that! Of course, very young children will need an adult's help and guidance. See the thrill on their faces as they cuddle the toy that they chose and made for themselves.

Our teddy bear making machine is the perfect asset for events such as fun days, birthday parties, children's parties, and village and school fêtes. We deliver it to the following locations: London (especially North London, East London and North-East London), Sussex, Kent and Middlesex.

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