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19 April 16 - Bounce

BOUNCE your way into Springtime with a P&J bouncy castle!

Yes, it's official. Spring really is here at last. We can finally banish those bleak days of winter to our memories as the calendar tells us that Spring has actually arrived. And if you live in the London area, especially North London and Central London, now's the time to start planning your Spring fun-day. And what better way to bring some real bounce and joy into your special day than by hiring one of P&J's amazing range of bouncy castles!

It's a well-known fact that inflatable bouncy castles are a hugely popular item of fun equipment hired by the general public for their special days. And you'll always find a bouncy castle or two at public events hosted by all kinds of organisations. But it's not just children that love them. Adults of all ages can enjoy them too at events such as birthday parties and corporate events. Let's face it, bouncing is FUN! Kids do it naturally, as many parents bear witness to, when they find the kids beds and sofas have been used as bouncy castles. And adults will have fond memories of those days too. That's why so many of them secretly yearn to experience the exhilarating, carefree fun of simply bouncing for joy.

I wouldn't mind betting that the health authorities approve of bouncy castles too. All that vigorous and happy aerobic leaping in the fresh Spring air must be good for our bodies as well as our souls. Take a look at lambs in a field in the Springtime; they are almost literally bouncing and skipping for joy. And so should we, as bouncy castles give us a great opportunity to throw off those coats and gloves and scarves, fill our lungs with fresh, clean Spring air, and feel the first real warmth of the sun on our faces.

Springtime is known as the season of new beginnings, when animal and plant life are awakened from their long winter slumbers. No wonder then that Springtime is the season of great celebrations that date as far back as mediaeval times and possibly further. So why not have your own celebration of Spring? You don't need a birthday or anniversary to have a great fun day with friends, relatives, co-workers and others, where you can all get together and enjoy a fantastic range of activities in the fresh, mild air of Spring. And what you most definitely do need is a bouncy castle and this is where P&J Entertainments can help with their superb selection of bouncy castle hire to suit all ages, ranging from the very young to adult.

So, if you haven't done so already, start arranging your Spring fun day by hiring a bouncy castle from P&J. Let's banish those Winter blues and start bouncing with Springtime joy instead!

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