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14 January 16 - Family Fundays

Organising a Family Fun Day? Don't Panic!

If you've ever been tasked with organising a family fun day you'll know only too well how challenging it can be. How on earth can you keep all your guests happy when the age range is so huge and their tastes so different? Family fun days mean - quite literally – that you can expect all the members of the family to attend, ranging from toddlers through young children and teenagers to parents and grandparents. Is it really possible to keep them all happy and entertained at the same time?

Making a success of a family fun day brings with it huge dividends. If it's an event for just one family, it can bring the family members closer together and that's no bad thing in itself. And if you're organising a family fun day for your company business then it can have a hugely positive impact on your fellow workers as well as the bosses.

Websites such as P&J Entertainments' site can quite simply dazzle you with the sheer range of games and services on offer. So perhaps the first step (after deciding on your budget and being clear on the number and age-range of your guests) is to start narrowing down the games and services on offer. P&J's website has a section devoted specifically to Family Fun Days,making this a great starting point.

You'll see that there are some fabulous physically competitive games for adults and older children on offer, such as Last One Standing, Bungee Run and Pony Hopping Racing. These are the kinds of games where some degree of fitness is essential and are ideally suited to events where there are plenty of parents and older children able to participate in this highly competitive fun.

For younger children, I'd recommend games such as Children's Gladiator, Crazy Bikes and Go Karts. They're sure to enjoy these slightly less physically challenging games where there's a great deal of care and supervision yet they're just as competitive.

For the very young, there are some amazing Bouncy Castle options that will appeal to their imaginations and love of adventure and fun. I'm thinking here, for instance, of the Safari Games Zone and the Galleon Activity Ship, where the youngsters are very closely monitored and supervised, where the equipment is soft and safe and they can really enjoy making new friends while exploring and expending energy in total safety.

When deciding on the range of family fun day attractions it's important not to restrict your options to physically active games. Your family guests will appreciate the opportunity to experience less physically challenging games and services too. In a nutshell, you need to strike the right balance between physically active, competitive attractions and those that are more reliant on skill and brainpower or have a strong element of pure fun and enjoyment. For instance, face painting is always popular among children of all ages (and a few adults too!). Another example of what I call “transformative fun” is the Temporary Tattoo service whereby you can enjoy the experience of a genuinely eye-catching tattoo on your arm secure in the knowledge that can be easily removed after a few hours. And last - but definitely not least - remember that most kids these days are obsessed with computer-based simulation games such as Ski Machine and Lazer Quest, so be sure to consider these for your event too.

Parents need the chance to relax on Family Fun Days, or it becomes no fun for them. That's why it's handy to have activities where they can relax with their children and enjoy the shows presented by professional entertainers; people who are talented and skilled at keeping young children happy and occupied. Or consider Donkey Rides where you can leave the children to enjoy the experience under the careful control and supervision of qualified staff.

Whether you are planning a single family event or a large company event, a Family Fun Day can give you and your guests a whole lot of fun and memories to be treasured. So don't panic if you're tasked with this responsibility! These days, there is a wonderful range of attractions and services that you can hire from entertainment companies across the UK and you can turn the task into a pleasurable one rather than a woeful one.

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