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14 January 16 - Fair Ground Attractions

Why not bring the fairground to your special event?

I've always loved the fair. As a child, I found it a totally magical experience: the fantastic array of sparkling lights; the mouth-watering aromas and tastes of fairground food ; the screams and yells of delight from the rides; the throbbing beat of the music; the brightly-coloured stalls that tempt you to test your skill or strength. Wonderful!

That fairground magic never goes away, no matter how old you are. Of course, the older you get the less likely you are to enjoy the more daring rides, although chances are that you'll see plenty of senior citizens enjoying the dodgems and carousels.

These days, instead of you going to the fair, it's now possible to bring the fairground to your event. It's a sure-fire way to turn your special day into a wonderfully memorable experience that will be a talking point among your guests for months ahead. And let's be honest about this: the reason for holding any event is to create an experience they will appreciate and enjoy.

So, if you're thinking of create a full fairground experience for your special day, which fairground attractions would you provide for your guests? Of course, much depends on the guests' ages and the purpose of the event. But, generally speaking, you can create a real fairground experience by choosing from a selection of carousels, fun rides, pot luck stalls, skill stalls, and fairground food stalls.

Carousels are a great choice for the younger guests and those who aren't quite as young as they used to be! One of the most eye-catching and fun rides is the Tea Cup and Saucer Ride. It's gentle rotation suits the very young and very old, and of course it's a great take on Alice In Wonderland. A couple of other examples of gentle rides are the multi-car ride where kids can pretend to drive in complete safety just like mum and dad, and last, but definitely not least, there's the gorgeously appealing and traditional rocking horses carousel.

For slightly older guests including teenagers, you can hire some genuinely sensational rides. The Big Wheel is a fine example that offers your guests fantastic views and a really thrilling experience. For those who prefer their feet firmly on the ground, the Dodgems (also known as Bumper Cars) are a guaranteed pull among those who enjoy the bang and crash of driving into each other and avoiding being hit yourself. Or how about the Miami Ride? It's immensely popular with teenagers as it sweeps suddenly and speedily through the air.

After all that whizzing around, your guests will probably appreciate a less energetic activity of the sort offered by the stalls that test your skills, luck or strength. These gaily-coloured stalls include traditional skill tests such as Ball In A Bucket, Darts, Hoop La and Hook A Duck. Airgun skills can be tested on Cork Shooting, while there's much fun and laughter guaranteed when your guests test their strength and accuracy on the traditional Coconut Shy and Test Your Strength Machine.

By now your guests will no doubt welcome the chance to enjoy some traditional fairground fast food and there are some amazing stalls that you can hire for your event including the much-loved candyfloss stall, the aromatic hot chestnut stall, the omnipresent hot-dog stall (love that rich aroma of frying onions), and the magical toffee apple cart. As far as I'm concerned you simply cannot have fairground rides without fairground food too!

Of course, in the end it's your budget that will dictate the range and number of fairground attractions that you select for your event. But I would suggest that your choices should be discussed with experts such as P&J Entertainments. They have decades of experience in successfully hiring out fairground attractions and they really do know what they are talking about!

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